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From last three days whenever i open my browser i frequently redirected towards some unknown site and constant pop-up ads named with covers my whole screen. It has interrupted my important online work and restrict me from visiting my favorite websites. The ads continuously displayed after closing them several time. It also has replace my search engine and the homepage. Please suggest me proper way to remove completely.

What is is a malicious web search tool which has recently infected many computer around the globe. However it claims to be an safe search tool which can bring the best results of search but according to the victims you will never get a single relevant result of your search. Besides that it is capable of hijacking any popular and most used web browser such as Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome etc. So with its hijacking ability it also hijacks your default web browser and make several changes to its default setting. Apart from that it is also capable of replacing the default homepage without the permission of the user. It has the ability to silently get inside any computer and perform its malicious activities.

what_is_browser_hijacker hijacker must be removed soon, as it will bring other virus infections into computer system when it redirects you to malicious websites where many dangerous and vicious malware, virus and spyware popping up as many different forms. Cyber criminals will add some virus, malware and other infections into malicious sites as pop-up banner. Once you click on those pop-ups, you could activate some kind of threat and install it into computer system. Therefore, computer will be slower, often gets stuck even crashes down sometimes. When the targeted computer gets more and more infections, its performance will be affected. Computer would act abnormally. hijacker could help remote hackers to access your targeted computer and remote hackers can control your computer to get important data stored on computer randomly. To avoid this kind of browser hijacker accessing your computer, you’re suggested not to visit malicious sites especially porn sites, read spam emails or download free software from unreliable resource.

Potential Dangers Caused by A Hijacker Virus:

It belongs to browser hijacker virus which can totally mess up your browser setting.
It changes your default DNS configuration and blocks you accessing your favorite sites.
It may install some malware in your computer to make bad influence without your consent.
It degenerates your computer performance gradually.

How Can Hijacker Get On Your PC?

Browser hijacker infection like may enter your system as an add-on for your browser or bundled-up with some free software. Most of time, it can be downloaded from a website you visited, something you clicked on, or a pop-up that you did not request to view. You may not even know when and how you download this browser hijacker which compromises your internet security until you find your computer is fully messed up. A hijack virus is a type of computer virus known for its ability to disrupt your Internet browsing. It can redirect your Internet searches to random sites, disallow you from visiting certain Web sites, and change your Internet home page. In addition, it is able to slow your computer, decrease your available memory, and flood your computer with popup advertisements. When you detect the presence of such malicious hijacker, a complete removal is needed without any hesitation.

It May Initiate the Following Symptoms:

1. You keep getting random pop-ups opening in new browser tabs.
2. When clicking on Google search links you get taken to sites that have nothing to do with the subject you searched for.
3. Anti-virus and firewall software won’t start.
4. Internet stops working.
5. Unknown software has been installed without your authorization.
6. You can’t access reputable sites unless you type the URL into the navigation bar

Once you find your PC is infected with this virus, you’d better remove it as soon as possible. There are detail instructions below.

Method: Similar Video for Reference

How To Remove Browser Hijacker (for Windows users)

If the video guide is not so helpful for your specific situation, you could directly download a recommended removal tool for automatic assistance.


Conclusion is just a fake search homepage not a reliable search tool as Google, Bing and Yahoo search. But instead it is a browser hijacker to hijack many different web browsers like Internet explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. This redirect infection can change browser settings, modify your default homepage search engine provider and redirect you to potentially dangerous websites. And you will be interrupted by endless popups. Due to coming of this browser hijacker, DNS would be somehow changed and Internet speed becomes slower. Opening many tabs on browser, you will find browser will soon get stuck and freeze. Even worse, redirect infection can bring other malware and virus into targeted computer and help cyber criminals to pilfer users’ personal data for illegal market profits. Therefore, you’re strongly suggested to eliminate hijacker immediately.

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