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How to Remove Find Directions and Maps from Your Computer? (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge)

How to uninstall Find Directions and Maps Pop-up from your Internet browser? If you have never installed this annoying program, but still it is on your web browser as an add-on? Even it is not in your system’s control panel and you didn’t know how can you eliminate it? This program slows down your computer performance? If you can not find a way to delete it, then here is a simple and easy guide that will help you to eliminate Find Directions and Maps Pop-up from your machine completely and permanently.

What is Find Directions and Maps?

Find Directions and Maps is caused mainly by annoying adware program that silently get added and bring lots of modifications in essential system settings. This nasty threat is designed by evil hackers mainly to irritate user while surfing. Once activated, Find Directions and Maps will never let you surf freely rather make you annoyed by making your browser’s search result hijacked to website full of sponsored links, ads, pop ups along with error messages. Find Directions and Maps is designed such a way that it look exactly like genuine advertisements and will make you convince to click on that message or pop up. This nasty threat is capable to track all your valuable information and details like user account number, passwords, IP address along with other confidential data by tracking your online details. What’s more devastating, Find Directions and Maps will mix up its code in the start up section along with the main motive to get reloaded every time after system get restarted. Thus, it is advised to take any quick action against Find Directions and Maps and thus solve all your system’s issues.

In the presence of Find Directions and Maps, you will not be able to perform single activity on time. It is responsible for decreasing the running speed of all the system functions including start up, turn off, playing games, installing applications, Internet connection etc. It will also annoy the users by freezing the operating system during their important works and sometimes reboot the PC at certain intervals of time. When you will install any software from its links then bundles of harmful threats such as spywares or malwares will penetrate in your system. You will find find changes in the registry entries with suspicious codes. Moreover, its powerful impacts can disable the working of installed programs or softwares such as antivirus, Windows Firewall, Task Manager, media player etc. You will detect weird behavior of the system in which normal working is extremely difficult. Whats more, it also carries ability to monitor the online session of the users and steal the sensitive information with illegal aim. Hence, it is essen
tial for the users to remove Find Directions and Maps immediately after detection.

Find Directions and Maps is a crazy bug.

1.It slows down your computer by eating up the system resource. You will go through it needs a much longer time to run any program or download a webpage.
2.It tracks down your online activities and collects the information for the third commercial parties, which is why the ads you receive are so close to your searching habits.
3.It may steal your personal sensitive information such as banking account details and some account log in details.
4.It will definitely drop additional PUPs onto your computer, for example, browser hijacker, adware gorilla price and trojan.

How to Remove Find Directions and Maps Browser Hijacker from Your PC?

Find Directions and Maps Hijacker hijacks your default browser to redirect your web search results and modifies your default homepage and browser settings. Manual removal is the most effective way to completely uninstall it from an infected computer’s operating system, for the season that this hijacker is so cunning and dangerous, antivirus programs cannot get rid of it permanently. Here are the manual guides for users to remove the annoying hijacker.

Remove the browser hijacker from the affected browsers.
Fix browser shortcuts modified by the browser hijacker.
Scan for and remove traces of the browser hijacker using SpyHunter.

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Remove the browser hijacker from the affected browsers.

When hijacking your web browsers, the browser hijacker may have changed your homepage, startup page, new tab page and default search engine to its own. What you need to do is remove its website URL from the Home Page field and delete its search engine from your browsers.

For Internet Explorer:

1. Open Internet Explorer browser.
2. Click the Tools menu (gear icon) and select Internet Options from the drop-down list.

remove from ie_1

3. Under the General tab, remove the unwanted website address, type your preferred one such as and then click OK.

remove from ie_2

4. Click the Tools menu again. This time select Manage add-ons.

remove from ie_3

5. Click Search Providers, and check all search providers installed on your PC. If you find a search engine called Web Search has been set as the default, you should first set a search engine you like as the default, and then right click the unwanted one, and click the Remove button.


For Google Chrome:

1. Open Google Chrome browser.
2. Click on Chrome’s Tools menu which is represented by three horizontal lines, and select the option labeled Settings from the drop-down list.

remove from chrome_1

3. In the open page, click Set pages under On startup.

remove from chrome_2

4. A small window will open. If you see an unwanted website URL there, highlight it and click the X button to delete it.remove from chrome_3

5. Back to the Setting page, locate Appearance, tick the checkbox labelled Show Home button, and click the Change link.remove from chrome_4

6. In the popup Home page window, delete the unwanted website URL and click OK.remove from chrome_5

7. Now move to the Search section, click Manage search engines.remove from chrome_6

8. In the open window, if your find that your default search engine has been set to the unwanted one, you need to first make your favorite one (such as Google) as the default.remove from chrome_7

9. Then, highlight the unwanted search engine and click the X button.

remove from chrome_8

For Mozilla Firefox:

1. Open Mozilla Firefox browser.
2. Click the Firefox menu (3-bar icon) and then click Options.

remove from firefox_13. In General tab, delete the URL of Find Directions and Maps and enter a new website address.

remove from firefox_2

4. Then, switch to the Search tab. Under Default Search Engine, click on the drop-down arrow and you will see a list of all installed search engines. Select the one you want to make as the default.

remove from firefox_3

5. Then, navigate to the One-click search engines section, Choose the unwanted search engine, and click the Remove button.

remove from firefox_4

Fix browser shortcuts modified by the browser hijacker.

The browser hijacker may change your browser shortcuts so that you will be redirected to its own page every time your open the browsers. Now follow these steps to fix the shortcuts in all affected web browsers. Take Internet Explorer for example:

1. Right click the icon of Internet Explorer on your desktop and click the Properties option.

clean shortcut_ie1

2. Under Shortcut tab, locate Target, and then delete the unwanted website URL located after “…iexplore.exe”. Click OK to save the change.

clean shortcut_ie2

To remove the unwanted shortcuts from other web browsers, just repeat the steps above.

Scan for and remove traces of the browser hijacker using SpyHunter.

If you have finished the steps above and restarted the computer, but still find the browser hijacker on your PC, then it is highly recommended that you run SpyHunter to scan for and remove all its traces from your PC.

SpyHunter is a powerful anti-malware program that can scan your computer for a wide range of malware threats such as browser hijackers, adware, Trojans, viruses, worms, and potentially unwanted program. It will check through your hard drives, Windows registry and memory, which won’t let any threats escape from detection. Once detection, you can completely remove all threats in one click.


Now you can click the button below to download SpyHunter setup file on your PC.


Then, folllow the steps below to install and use this program to fix threats on your PC.

1. Double click on the icon of the setup file you have downloaded just now.

SpyHUnter installer

2. Click the Run button to allow it run on your computer.

3. Select your language.

SpyHunter installation step 1

4. Click on CONTINUE.

SpyHunter installation step 2

5. Accept the End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy and then click INSTALL.

SpyHunter installation step 3

6. Wait for the installation to complete.

SpyHunter installation step 4

7. Click on EXIT when the setup is successful.


8. SpyHunter will automatically run on your PC. Start a quick scan by clicking the Scan Computer Now.


9. Now SpyHunter will start scanning for malware threats on your PC. It will take some time, please be patient.


10. Once the scanning is done, you can click on Fix Threats button to delete all detected items from your computer.


11. Once the deletion finishes, SpyHunter may require you to restart your system. Allow it to do so. Find Directions and Maps should have been removed from your PC now.


Find Directions and Maps could be troublesome and should be deleted timely to avoid potential risk. Manual removal is an efficient way to get rid of this hijacking. But if you are not confident to finish the manual process, you are suggested to uninstall Find Directions and Maps by starting an automatic removal with SpyHunter from here.

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