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What is is an unknown search engine that considered to be insecure and useless. It is known as browser hijacker, potentially unwanted program, adware, or redirect malware due to its aggressive way of infiltrating the PC without asking for user’s approval. This application often comes to your computer when you download and install some freeware from the Internet. It pretends to be a helpful add-on/extension and gets bundled with the freeware. If you are not aware of it, it will be automatically downloaded on your machine. Once configured properly, it modifies your browser settings and takes control of your web browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. And then it changes your default homepage and search engine to or other similar spam search engine page without your consent. Meanwhile, it may give you constant pop-ups whenever you are online, which are in in different kinds of forms such as pop-up, pop-under, in-text, contextual or banner advertisement. Those ads are about various deals, coupons and commercial offers, you will feel annoying but you are not able to stop them.

Once is on your web browser, this browser hijacker will control your web browser by change the homepage and search tool, then you have to use its homepage and search engine. Meanwhile, it traces and records your important data like email password, bank account details and password and so on and send this information to hackers. Otherwise, you may find that none of the research result is concluded in the links this fake search engine provided. Once it clicked on the link, you will be redirected to some unknown webs and then forced to watch some porn pictures. What’s worse, lots of pop-ups and ads will chock up your computer. They will occupy a large percentage of your system CPU. As a result, you will find that your computer is working more and more slowly. Hence, you are suggested to remove completely once you find this virus in your computer.


How Does Enters PC

Through freeware or shareware downloading
Watching online videos, playing online games
Through junk mail attachment file
Using infected external hard drive to share data
Some fake alert messages from illegal sites
Network file sharing

Problems occurs by :

Your all visited webpage will be covered by pop-up ads
Default homepage of browser will be changed
You will be redirected on the unsafe sites
Unnecessary extensions and toolbars will be added within the browser
Confidential data will be stolen and transferred to cyber attackers
Task manager option will not work properly
Internet speed is getting slow
Your computer will be freeze or crashed
You can see unwanted icons on the desktop of the computer
Windows registry will be corrupted
Browser default setting will be changed

Once you find your PC is infected with this virus, you’d better remove it as soon as possible. There are detail instructions below.

Method: Similar Video for Reference

How To Remove Browser Hijacker(for Windows users)

If the video guide is not so helpful for your specific situation, you could directly download a recommended removal tool for automatic assistance.


Conclusion is an ad-supported search engine associated with browser hijacker or redirect malware. It will modify homepage of the default browser and set its domain as the main page without asking for your permission. Additionally, it installs other harmful codes as browser helper objects, which influence some aspects of your browser program. The malware modifies browser settings in order to attack Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari browser. It changes your homepage, new tab, displays pop-up ads and redirects you to unwanted website. Some inexperienced users may take it as a legit search engine and keep it on their computers. As time goes by, they start having serious problems on the computer. Your browser can’t work normally because it keeps freezing all the time. You can’t get information you want when you search information on Google. Every time you open your browser, you will always get error messages telling you that Internet Explorer is not responding. In some cases, you may experience blue screen of death or even system crash. The hijacker could be used to collect your information and then sell it to others for illegal purposes so it is not a good choice to let it stay on your PC. Remove hijacker manually as quickly as you can.

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