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Effectively Remove BrowsePro from Your PC (Removal Help)

What is BrowsePro?

BrowsePro is a free program that enables you to search a number of large book search engines on the Internet for new and used books. It claims that you are allowed to compare more than 40 online bookstores including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Borders to find rare or hard-to-find books, or for comparing prices. If you want to buy books online, this will be very useful. However, this program is considered as a potentially unwanted program. Many computer users get this app on their machines without knowledge. If you’re one of them, you may feel annoyed by this uninvited program when surfing the Internet.

Once installed on your computer, the app makes modifications on your web browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari. It may alter your default homepage and search engine so as to show its service to you. Book Search is an independent web site that you can use to search for any book you want, comparing the prices and services among 41 on-line bookstores. Though the tool is useful, many users complain that some unwanted advertisements are injected into websites they visit after the tool got into their PCs.

Usually, this app is bundled with adware that will display advertisements on web pages when the browsers are used. These advertisements are not very professional looking and don’t always display correctly on the sites that they are injected into.

Moreover, BrowsePro may lead to slow computer performance. It may result in your browser freezing when you try to scroll down the page and view more content. You may need to wait a long time for the browser to work again. Or these problems may be caused by other hidden processes running in the background. Anyway, some problems may occur on your browsers when your machine has such potentially unwanted programs installed.

How does BrowsePro enter you PC?

There are a variety of ways that this PUP can use to enter your PC, but one of the most common ways is to come by bunlded with free applications downloaded from the Internet. Creators of this PUP will pay money for some software developers in order to get their own product bunlded with the software. During the software installation process, you may be recommended to install BrowsePro or even directly install this PUP without any notice. Generally, you will be shown boxes which indicate that this PUP will be installed if you choose the Custom installation mode. In this situation, you can simply uncheck the boxes to refuse its installation. But there is another tactic that software developers use to make you install the PUP unknowlingly – they make you believe that you accept the EULA (End User License Agreement) of the software you want by using obscure words, but actually you acept the EULA of the PUP and allow it to intall on your PC. Just as the screenshot below shows, you think you are accepting the terms of us
e and parivay policy of the software named Media Player Classic, but the fact is not. By clicking the Accept button, you will agree the installation of BrowsePro.

This PUP may also enter your PC via these ways:

E-mail attachments: E-mail attachments are also used by the creators to spread this PUP. They send you an email with an attachment. Its name often ends a strange suffix, such as .exe, .com, .bat, and .pif. If you open the attachment, you will activiate the malicious code and install the PUP immediately.

Fake alert message popup: You may reeive a popup that looks like a normal Windows alert message. When clicking it, you will be redirected to a site that recommend you to install this PUP, or will directly download the setup file of the PUP to your computer without your permission.

Hacked websites: Websites hacked by cyber hackers often run drive-by download script. By visiting such websites, you will immediately download potentially unwanted programs or even malicous programs on your PC even though you don’t click any links or popup windows within the sites.

How does BrowsePro perform on your PC?

After this PUP comes into your computer, it will quickly install itself without asking your approval. During its installation process, it will change your system settings (add its start-up entries to your Windows registry) so that it can run automatically whenever your computer is booted up. It will also alter your browser settings. By doing so, it can constantly display a series of commercial ads and redirect you to all kinds of ads-related websites. Meanwhile, this PUP may download and install other kinds of toolbar, extension and plug-in on your web browser in order to endlessly bombard your computer with annoying ads. Worse still, BrowsePro will collect non-personal information (like your location, IP address, cookie information, and the page requested) and personal information (such as your name, email address, Twitter/Facebook usernames, profile photos, events posted by you on Facebook) in the background.

Base on this information collected, it will deliver many personalized ads which are offered by third parties to you. If you are interested in these ads and click on them, you will help creators of this PUP to generate advertising revenue. However, not all ads delivered by this PUP are safe for you to click. Some would cheat you to buy useless product; some might bring you to malicous websites and force you to download malicous programs. Hence, it is important that you avoid clicking on those ads. But the most important thing you should do is to remove BrowsePro without any delay. Only when you completely remove this PUP can you free your computer from the annoying & dangerous ads.


Important Steps to Remove BrowsePro Pop-up.

STEP 1: Stop Malicious Process and Remove from Web Browsers.
STEP 2: Remove BrowsePro by Using SpyHunter.


STEP 1: Stop Malicious Process and Remove from Web Browsers.

Step 01: Stop Malicious Process by Using Task Manager

(1). Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc together to pop up Windows Task Manager, click Processes tab

*For Win 8 Users:

Click More details when you see the Task Manager box
And then click Details tab
(2). Find out and end the processes of this adware.


Step 02: Remove from Web Browsers.

Internet Explorer:

1. Open Internet Explorer, click on the gear icon-> ‘Manage Add-ons’.


2. Unknown entries, locate and delete them.
3. You can change the home page, click the gear icon and choose ‘Internet Options’.
4. Remove the and enter your preferred domain name.
5. To change the default search engine, click on the gear icon, select ‘Manage Add-ons ‘-’ > search engine
6. Place your favorite search engine.


Mozilla Firefox:

1. Open Mozilla Firefox, please click on the icon menu (top right) and select ‘Add-ons ‘->’ extensions’.
2. Here select unknown Add-ons and select the trash can icon to delete these entries.
3 you can change the home page, click on Firefox, select “settings”
4. Remove and enter your favorite site.
5 I want to change the default search engine, click on the menu icon and the question mark icon
6 here you click on the ‘fix’ and click on “Restart Firefox”.


Video Show: How to clean up Firefox cookie and History.

Google chrome:

1. Open Google chrome, please click on the icon menu (top right) and select ‘ tools ‘-’ > extensions ‘.
2. Select suspicious extensions and select the trash can icon to delete these entries.
3. You can change the start page, click the icon, select ‘ options ‘-’ > beginning ‘ section-> ‘specify pages’
4. Here, remove,, by clicking on the “X” and enter your favorite site.
5. At the time of default search engine that you want to change, click on click on > icon-> section of the menu ‘options’ ‘search’
6. Click on “manage search engines…” and add your preferred domain name.


Video Show: How to Clean chrome browser data.

STEP 2: Remove BrowsePro with Using SpyHunter.


SpyHunter is a powerful, real-time anti-spyware application that designed to help computer users to clean up the infections like worms, Trojans, rootkits, rogues, dialers, spyware,etc. It is important to note that SpyHunter removal tool works well and should run alongside existing security programs without any conflicts.

Step one: Click the icon to download SpyHunter removal tool


Step two: After the installation, run SpyHunter and click “Malware Scan” button to have a full or quick scan on your PC.


Step three: Select the detected malicious files after your scanning and click “Remove” button to clean up all viruses.



From the above passage, you can realize BrowsePro turning to be a dangerous adware program. The main threat of this malware is that it redirects your search results to unsafe websites contains false contents, which brings you into a scam. This adware makes your system be shown into threat and even use antivirus delete it, it will come back to users’computer in a minute. Once your computer gets infected with it, cyber criminals can monitor your computer using traces in background. In order to protect your computer and your privacy, we strongly recommend you to remove it as early as possible.


BrowsePro is a stubborn adware program that can fully mess up your system. You should immediately remove it from your PC once infected. Nowadays, a lot of new viruses or malware created by hackers are seeking the sally port to attack users’ computer. So as a computer user, it is very necessary to master some security tips to protect our computer from malware infection.

Download files only from well-known and reputable websites which can drastically reduce the risk of malware infection.

Always choose Advanced or Custom installation instead of Express or Quick installation during the installation process for some rogue applications often conceal within the Advanced or Custom options.

Raise your vigilance when surfing the Internet. Be careful of those pop up ads and links that promise you a great prize. If you fill in your personal information without any considering, your personal details may be leaked to cyber criminals or hackers.

Use strong passwords for your online accounts. Your passwords should contain uppercase, lowercase, symbols and numbers. Thus, it is difficult to be broken by cyber criminals.

Don’t let out your personal information to unknown people especially your net friends.

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